CranioCradle | Cranio Sacral Self-Massage Tool for Tightness, Stress and Tension
CranioCradle Australia has stockists for their Home Therapy System all around the country. Loads of useful information on how to use the Cranio Cradle and how it compares with other tools.
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Imagine taking your therapist’s hands with you…

Designed to recreate the gentle cradling of your therapist’s hands, the CranioCradle can be used to help release tension, tightness and stress anywhere in the body. Lie down and let gravity do the work while you relax and let your body heal itself – what could be easier?

Treat yourself as often as you like!

Recommended by health professionals and loved by hundreds of people worldwide, the CranioCradle has reportedly helped headaches, neck pain, back pain, TMJ dysfunction, whiplash and sciatica. It has also been said to relieve some of the symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, as well as other sensations arising from stress.

Ahh… Stretch away years of tightness

There are more than 16 different positions in which the CranioCradle can be used throughout the head, neck, back, hips, and other areas. Used singularly or two together, CranioCradles can be used as a complete therapy system that puts you in control of your health, any time you need to relax.


Could you use an extra set of hands in treatment?

Many therapists are finding they can get more done in a session by having their client use the CranioCradle in one area while they work in another area. This also gives clients more confidence when using the CranioCradle at home.


Singularly or two together

Using two CranioCradles simultaneously can create a stretch between areas and encourage greater body awareness.


You are your own best therapist, now you have the tool.

Used correctly, the CranioCradle applies gentle and prolonged pressure into tight and tender areas and allows the body to release and restore health. The CranioCradle has been designed with input from some of the world’s leading osteopaths, chiropractors, craniosacral practitioners, and other manual therapists.


Not just for the head and neck, but anywhere along the spine

The unique shape of the CranioCradle effectively applies pressure into the soft-tissue on either side of the spinal vertebrae simultaneously without pressing on the spine itself. At the same time, the CranioCradle keeps your body balanced from side to side, unlike using a ball.

 An amazing whole-body treatment, all in the comfort of your own home.

Using two CranioCradles, one at each end of the spine, can access the immediate environment of our central nervous system and assist in elongating the spine.



A powerful addition, the CranioCradle Hot/Cold pack

Simply add a hot/cold therapy pack to the CranioCradle to achieve gentle warmth or soothing cold. Made specifically for the CranioCradle, the Hot/Cold pack is soft and smooth to touch and designed to grip the CranioCradle without sliding.


Enhance the therapeutic power of the CranioCradle

Made with pliable Elasto-Gel™, the CranioCradle Hot/Cold pack will remain warm for 15-20 minutes after being microwaved, or stay cool for 10-15 minutes after being in the freezer.


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